What is NLP?


NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. In simplistic terms this is the language of the mind and the strategies we use for processing thoughts and achieving outcomes (positive or otherwise!) Using NLP techniques we can let go of anxieties, fears, doubts that are holding us back and develop better strategies for achieving positive outcomes. We can also gain confidence, clarity, focus and self-esteem which enable us to live our lives to the full and achieve our dreams and desires.

The definition of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in simple terms is:

Neuro – referring to the nervous system, which receives information in the form of sights, sounds, feelings, taste and smell. The information our nervous system receives affects our mind and body.

Linguistic – refers to communication…. This can take the form of verbal communication, body language or 'self-talk' (both negative and positive!)

Programming – refers to the ability to install strategies for both positive thinking and processing of events.

What you have in your mind, affects your state (emotions), your physiology and therefore your behaviour, so it pays to keep these positive!ducks

We have all heard of the 'mind-body' connection, and there is now scientific proof that neurotransmitter bathes every cell in the human body. Therefore, what the mind perceives, the body receives (Claire Burrow, 2012). What we think and believe about ourselves therefore directly affects our physiology (body) and our ability to achieve our goals.

Using NLP Techniques it is possible to select more positive strategies for dealing with thoughts and emotions and to free ourselves from the 'gremlin' (your internal, negative, self-talk!) sitting on your shoulder telling you "you can’t do that because you are not good enough". NLP gives us the ability to change the way we think about things enabling us to achieve more positive, desired outcomes, both quickly and easily.

NLP techniques have proved to be effective in removing phobias, for weight loss, giving up smoking, improving sports performance, removing anxieties and building self-exteem.