Equine Reiki

Claire and Tammy

Equine Reiki is a method of channelling "universal energy" to accelerate the horse's own healing system. Horses are exceptionally receptive to this gentle energy and it can bring very positive results in cases of illness or injury, behavioural problems, and emotional stress and trauma (whether past or present).

Reiki is not a substitute for Veterinary advice or care. If your horse is ill or injured, it should be seen by a Vet. However, regular Reiki treatments may speed up your horse's recovery (physical and emotional) once your horse has been treated by the Vet.

Reiki may benefit your horse or pony in a variety of situations:-

* Change of home/owner

* Competition stress

* Travelling/loading anxiety

* Lack of confidence issues (for horse and rider)

* Behavioural issues

* Grief/depression e.g. loss of a pair bond

* Past traumas or ill treatment

* To accelerate healing after surgery, illness or injury

* To offer comfort and peace in the case of terminal illness

Equine Reiki Treatments

Reiki is best given in your horse's normal environment (stable or paddock) at a quiet time of day when there will be few distractions. The Practitioner will spend some time making sure your horse is relaxed and comfortable with their presence and will then lay their hands either on, or slightly above the horse in a series of positions.

During this time most horses show signs of relaxation: lowering the head, yawning, making licking, chewing or quivering movements of the lips, passing wind, sighing and sometimes stamping feet when tension or emotional blockages are being released. Some horses will move in really close to the Practitioner and actually position themselves where they want to receive the energy most, whereas others may prefer to move around or receive the energy from a distance.

For horses that are ill, nervous of strangers, or exhibiting unpredicatable or dangerous behaviour, Reiki can safely be channelled over the stable door. The horse is then free to move around and to take as much or as little healing energy as he or she needs.

After the treatment, your horse or pony should be left to relax. You may find that he or she drinks more water than normal and passes more droppings than usual afterwards. This is the body flushing out excess waste/toxins and is completely normal.

Horses are very sensitive and spiritual beings and it is often said that horses mirror their owners. It may therefore be that both horse and owner would benefit from a Reiki treatment during times of stress or injury.

If your horse is currently under the supervision of a Vet, his permission must be given before the Reiki Session. This usually just takes a telephone call to your practice and must be obtained before your appointment takes place.

A Reiki Practitioner will not diagnose or recommend any form of treatment. However, Claire is also a BHSAI (Reg'd) Freelance Riding Instructor has a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science and is therefore able to give general advice on a wide range of riding and stable management issues.