Reiki Treatments


Receiving Reiki from a Practitioner is a relaxing and simple process. The client lies fully clothed on a therapy couch (or can remain seated if this is more comfortable) and the Practitioner will gently lay their hands either on, or slightly above, the body in a series of hand positions. Treatments usually start with the Practitioner's hands resting lightly on your shoulders and then working in a sequence of positions down the body, finishing at the feet.

Each hand position is held for a few minutes. During this time, energy (called "chi") is drawn through the Practitioner into the recipient. At this time, you will probably start to feel a deep sense of relaxation and peace. You may also feel heat from the Practitioner's hands, perhaps a tingling feeling or perhaps a feeling of 'floating' or 'sinking'. Sometimes you might feel nothing more than a lovely sense of calm, but you can rest assured that the Reiki energy will be working holistically to bring mind, body and soul back into optimum balance.

After your treatment, you will be invited to sit up in your own time and offered a glass of water. (N.B. Shoes are normally removed for the session so you may want to to bring warm socks to wear during your treatment.) Clients are then encouraged to relax for the rest of the day or evening if possible, so that they can enjoy maximum benefit from the feelings of relaxation and harmony that Reiki brings.